Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pinterest - not just for pinning!

Happy New Year all!

I've decided this year that I need to stop pinning things on pinterest and then forgetting about them - I need to actually make some of the things I pin.

It'll be hard, because all of the things look so yummy and full of butter/sugar/other naughtiness, and I'm currently committed to a healthier lifestyle in a bid to shift some weight. I'm 12.5lbs lighter than at the start of the year, so am still very much motivated to stick to it.

I decided that I'd make things I don't like but have pinned because I think Ian will like them. First up was coconut ice, something he says he's never had, but I find it hard to believe because he loves everything coconuty (and thankfully I don't!).

I'm not sure I measured everything correctly because the resulting coconut ice was a tad sticky, and I didn't quite split it half and half as my white layer is definitely thicker than the pink.

2013-01-20 15.52.22

I was quite generous with my squares, mainly because I wanted to get it cut quickly as it seemed to be getting stickier with every second out of the fridge! Apologies for the terrible quality photos, my camera was up the stairs and I'm still lazy!

2013-01-20 15.56.34

I've got plenty of coconut left (as I failed to check the recipe before going shopping) so I might try this again, or one of the many other coconut recipes I've got pinned!