Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Queens Head, Fishers Pond

Ian and I have a week off.  That means we're eating out.  Hopefully lots! Our first meal out of our holiday was at The Queens Head, in Fishers Pond.  They don't have a website so we were unsure what kind of food would be on offer.  The menu was typical pub food with a few extras.  Ian and I opted for the fondue to start, with a hoisin duck salad as well (as we do like our starters).  Mum didn't go for one, which I think she regretted after we took forever with ours! The fondue was really good, it really made me want to come home and get our fondue set (never used) out.  The hoisin duck salad confused us, the first mouthful was totally unexpected as it was chilled, and both Ian and I were expecting it to be warm.  It was tasty but it really would have been better with a bit of warmth.  

For mains, we all opted for their 'sizzlers', something new to Mum, but something Ian and I regularly had at his local pub up in York.  For those not in the know, it basically comes on a very hot skillet and continues to sizzle for most of the meal.  Ian ordered the ultimate sizzler, which came with a steak, a chicken breast, chicken wings and garlic and herb prawn skewers.  Mum and I went for the surf and turf sizzlers, which was just the steak and prawns.  The menu mentioned that the steak was served on a bed of onions and peppers, I'd imagine this is done to stop the steak burning.  As Ian hates both of these, we asked for his without.  Unfortunately, they got a bit confused and gave him onions and peppers and Mum none, but they did a quick swap and I think it all turned out OK.  The chips were nice, my steak was well cooked, although disappointingly it did have a big vein down the middle which makes me a little sad, but I ate round it.  

We couldn't manage dessert, and there wasn't a vast number of desserts on the menu anyway, only four I think.  It was a nice meal, plenty of food, well priced and a large restaurant, so likely to find a table even on busier nights.  They also have lots of outside seating which would be nice in the summer. 

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