Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Geeky Chocolatey Cake

Towards the end of last year, I went on a course at work, and there was an exam that I could sit afterwards that would give me a nice qualification. I finally sat that exam at the start of June and passed!

As my team at work had allowed me time off to revise for it, I thought I'd thank them in the way they like best - cake! The exam I passed was all about mainframes, so I asked a few people what they thought the cake should be like with this is mind. The general consensus was a dense chocolatey thing, so I settled on a chocolate fudge cake.

I found a nice traybake recipe in my good food magazine, and set to work.  This is the finished cake. Apologies for the terrible photo - I always feel a bit rushed when I bake in the mornings before work!

I received lots of comments about how chocolatey the cake was - it really was chocolatey! I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but still enjoyed this cake, but not as much as the dark chocolate fans. It was perfect for sharing with my team, because you could only manage one slice, so more people could try it.


~TrainMama~ said...

Hi this is QueenQuisa from Swap-bot! Thanks for sharing another site that I am sure to be addicted to soon :) I love recipes!!

Carrie said...

Thanks for following me, I should really start posting the recipes as well as yummy looking pictures!

Lisa said...

Okay, you got me - I've printed the recipe for what I'm already calling "Chocolate Mainframe Cake" and am already trying to figure out how much "levure chimique" I'm going to need - there is no self-raising flour in France.
BTW, I thought your plain white sprinkles made it look so much more sophisticated than the multicoloured ones in the magazine.
P.S. Anyone who had to stop after one slice of this is a wuss!!!!