Friday, 22 November 2013

Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Cake

I recently shared my eldest nieces Halloween themed birthday cake but I've not shared the one we made back in August for my other nieces birthday. When we first started making cakes for my nieces, we'd pick something they liked, like a favourite disney or cartoon character and it was pretty straightforward. I think what has now happened is that my sister leaves my nieces in front of google image search for a bit, and they look for the most difficult cake for us to replicate to see how far they can push us before we break. I never thought we'd be able to pull off the Alice in Wonderland cake for my youngest niece, especially as Ian was unable to help because he had lots of work to do. 

It was also tricky because we were attempting our very first topsy turvy cake. After much studying of you tube videos, I was confident I had an idea of the technique needed (you can get topsy turvy cake pans but we're always a bit last minute with these things!). Some careful carving and moulding of cake later, and we had the cake all covered (including a cheshire cat stripey bottom layer). 

Here's the finished cake in all it's topsy turvy glory. 


Again, the detail really made the cake - it's all there - the cheshire cats face (Ian took a break from his work to help with this one)...


...the tea set (non matching as I'd imagine all mad hatters tea sets are) along with the mad hatters hat itself....


...some playing card people (which we might have used non edible pen on because we only had a black icing pen - I don't think they were eaten but I'm sure it wouldn't have killed anyone if they were)


I'm really proud of my daffodil - the centre was really tricky to make and attach but I think it's clear what it's meant to be.


The daisy looks really happy to be part of the cake (and so it should!)


The eat me label on the entire cake was my favourite part (and one of the only things not on the cake picture we were working from).


Alice in Wonderland clearly isn't my nieces favourite movie as she was confused by the 'unbirthday' tag (this confirms my suspicion that she was just trying to test our cake skills!).


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Clare Hooper said...

Ali and I marvelled at this from Munich! Beautiful work. You are very talented.