Wednesday, 20 October 2010

If it's broke... throw it away!!

The book talks a lot about broken things, and how, if after a month or two, you've not fixed it, chuck it. It got me thinking about broken things round our house. There's the camera my sister murdered about a year ago, Ian's laptop where the fans are bust, the phones (yes, multiple) with the broken screens, all waiting to be fixed. 

Then there's the non-fixable things. We got new plates when we moved and put the old, chipped ones in a cupboard for emergencies. We have 8 good plates, so I brought up the topic with Ian about chucking the old ones. He mentioned Christmas and pancake day when we have lots of people over, how would we cope with just 8 plates?! I thought to myself though, which is worse, no plate or an old chipped plate? And why do I have to waste a whole shelf in my cupboard for something I may only need two times a year? 

So, at about 10pm, whilst in bed on my iPod, I reserved another plate set from Argos to match our good plates.  Now we have enough plates for emergencies, and they can live in the same cupboard as the good plates! Problem solved....although, where shall I put my crisps now?! 
Yay - new plates!

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PocketGenius said...

Paper/plastic plates are for the few times a year that you have very many people round. Xmas dinner is an exception when you need proper plates. I'm impressed if you're cooking xmas dinner for 16 people.