Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Too Busy To Blog

When we moved back in May 2009, we had a lot of stuff.  Seriously, tonnes.  Some of this stuff is still in boxes in the back room of our house.  The rest either has a home, or is cluttering up the surfaces and floors of all the other rooms in the house.  

This is some of the stuff all packed ready to go
My dining room after we moved in

My friend has gone on an American road trip for three weeks, and I challenged myself to sort out all this clutter and mess while she was gone.  She's been gone a week and a half and I'm starting to panic.  It started out well, I purchased some new flat pack storage to help give some of the clutter proper homes.  Ian made the bookcase, and I decided that I'd store my photo albums on it.  This opened a big can of worms, because I had a large box of photos waiting to go into said albums sat around, and so, instead of just putting the albums in their new home, I spent 4 days sorting photos.  I'm yet to complete this photo sorting task, but I have 11 full albums for my bookcase so that's progress at least!

I've still got so much to do so I'll not really be blogging until it's done.  To be honest, if she gets back and it's not done, I'm pretty sure she wont shout at me (actually, she might!)  But I'll definitely shout at myself.  If I had a tidy house, think of all the time I'd have to do things I want to do.  Like, just sit reading my magazine without noticing the clutter and feeling guilty.  And having people round at short notice without getting stressed out.


PocketGenius said...

She will shout at you and I will too. I will excuse you from blogging and not hassle you about it to give you more tidying time!

Clare said...

I just caught up on this! You remind me of me sometimes :) I bet when it's all done you won't sit back and read a magazine, you'll find more things to do...!

How is it going now? We need updates! (Er, but not long ones that stop you tidying...)