Monday, 31 October 2011

Creepy cupcakes

As it's halloween, and I haven't baked anything special for it, I thought I'd use the occassion to show off some pictures of my hen party.  Except, it wasn't a hen party actually. Ian and I have quite a lot of shared friends so we decided to have a joint hen and stag party, or a hag party.

I wanted to do cupcake decorating and decided I'd force Ian to do it too! He wasn't the only guy dragged along, and they all decided to team up and have a zombie cupcake competition. I'm not sure the cupcake lady was expecting this kind of turn of events, but she seemed to really like the finished results, and they guys all seemed to have a nice time.
Here are some of their cupcakes. 

This post would have more pictures, but my internet is down, and not wanting to miss halloween for this post, I'm using the internet on my phone and it's unbearably slow.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

The one that looks like it's covered in blood and intestines (top left in first photo) is truly disgusting.
I did quite like the one with the hand coming up out of it, though.

Did the cupcakes get eaten or were they just too horrid? (I ask as a woman who has never eaten a kiwi fruit because the pips look like fleas and put me off!)