Wednesday, 4 January 2012

365 Day Photo Challenge

I've seen many bloggers attempt a 365 day photo challenge. I've always wondered if I can manage it. I made a day zero list last July, and I decided to add this to my list. I also added blog weekly, so I'm hoping that by doing the first one, it'll help me achieve the second as I've not been doing very well with the blogging! So, I'll start with my photos from the first two days of the challenge (as the other two are still on my camera - great start!) and I'll pop back weekly with a round up of the weeks photos.

For the last three years, Ian and I have exchanged lego sets on New Years day, and then spent the day building them. This year, I bought Ian a slightly larger set than normal, and so it spilled into two days. Consequently, the first two pictures are of Lego. I can assure you though, the dog shark was not part of the instructions, just Ian improvising with the left over pieces (we also had an exploding bomb dog but I didn't photograph that).

Day One
Fire Station - floor one
Day Two
Dog Shark

Happy New Year - here's to a more blog-tastic 2012!


Clare Hooper said...

You are blogging, huzzah!

Lisa said...

Lovely to have you back - I've missed your blog (although the Creepy Cupcakes made me smile every time I hopped in to see if you were here!).

What a GREAT idea to exchange Lego. I love Lego, but I don't think my other half is an enthusiast. Does that Lego dog come in Australian Sheepdog colours or only brown?