Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pinterest is a Dangerous Thing

I waste a lot of time on pinterest - but it's a great way of bookmarking for me - I can see why I pinned things instantly and I don't have to open lots of bookmarks to find the one I'm looking for. 

I saw this clever way of storing cupcake cases on pinterest and have been wanting to do the same ever since. I saw some similar glass jars on amazon and was trying to work out which size to buy - I asked Ian for his opinion and he asked where I planned on putting this jar. I figured it'd look pretty just on the side but he didn't seem pleased.

So, I decided to do it anyway! But on a trial basis for starters. I've not spent any money on a jar (I found this one in a cupboard - although I don't think it's big enough).  And I'm going to sneak it into the kitchen (although Ian now reads my blog so he might  realise I've done it!).


Do you think it's pretty? Would you allow it to take up some of your kitchen real estate?


ThisWillBeMyYear said...

Yes it's pretty but you need more purple ones! I wouldn't mind having that in my kitchen because it would free up room in my cupboards, but I have more worktop space than you and I rarely use it for proper cooking so I can see Ian's point too.

Carrie said...

Well the cupcake cases don't sit nicely in the cupboard and always fall out on me, so it's way better than that solution. The jar came out of the cupboard so I guess I can put it back in but I might see how long I can get away with it!

Lisa said...

Ooooooh, pretty, pretty, pretty!

I adore Kilner jars, but all of mine are in the pantry either with food/drink in them or waiting to have food/drink put in them.

I have to confess to keeping my (very few and not pretty) cupcake cases in a Really Useful Box with all my cookie cutters and other baking stuff in the pantry as well.

Ian and I may have something in common - I tend only to have essentials on the worktops. I don't put decorative things out because I hate having to move non-essentil stuff when I'm cleaning, which given how messy I am with flour when making dough, is often!!

Actually, this photo would look really pretty on a greetings card!