Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Guzel, Eastleigh

This review is pretty late - I don't even remember when we first went here.  But since that time, we've been back three more times! Ian's quite taken with it, not just because it's less than five minutes walk from our house, but also because it's easy to have lots of variety, which we both love.  Generally, we'll order about 7-10 different dishes when we go, and as they're small, it's not as bad as it sounds (although we've taken friends and they've not managed that many dishes so if you're going, I'd go for fewer and then order again if you have room).  Their dishes include baked brie (melted cheese, you can't go wrong!), chilli prawns (we tend to order two lots of these as they're so nice), calamari, lamb shish, chicken shish (both the shishes come highly recommended - by us!).  One dish that we didn't try on the first visit was melon and feta, but it's surprisingly good - we've even tried to recreate it at home, it's refreshing so we save it for the end of the meal.  For those of you who don't fancy variety, they do "mains" as well as meze, so you can have a meze dish as a starter and then a main, but we just prefer to do it the other way.  The only thing I would mention, is that they don't open on Sunday even though their website says they do and the service is better during the week (when it's just the owners staffing the restaurant). 

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