Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Prezzo, Eastleigh

We ended up here by accident, we were actually hoping for the nice little Italian place on the high street, but it was shut for some reason. We had been meaning to try Prezzo since it opened recently in the nearby cinema complex though, so it wasn't a problem. The menu wasn't overly impressive, and the specials didn't seem all that special! Ian had chicken wings to start which were good, and a decent serving size. I had goats cheese, red onion and tomato on a foccacio bread, which I was expecting to be warmer than it was but the taste was still good, although as the bread was quite thick and the topping minimal, it was a little dry.

For mains, I chose one of the specials, lobster and crab tortelli, with a creamy saffron sauce. It wad quite spicy which I wasn't expecting, and the tortelli could have been stuffed with anything as the sauce totally overpowered it. Ian ordered the calzone di mare, but I think claiming it's of the sea when there are only two types of seafood in is a bit much. The bit I tried wasn't very good, and Ian said it was only ok, plus the side salad looked like it had seen better days! The side order of chips were very nice though, I'd recommend those!

We didn't order dessert as we were expecting a delivery of cake from a friend, so we paid and left. I'd probably go back if I was feeling too lazy to cook and too lazy to drive somewhere but it's not making it onto my list of favourites.

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