Saturday, 11 September 2010

Jolokia, Hockley Heath

Over the bank holiday weekend, Ian and I went to stay with his parents up in Solihull.  Ian lives in quite a small village but it has a nice indian restaurant less than a minutes walk away.  We've been before but I've neglected to write about it so I'm reviewing it now.  

My favourite part is all the starters, so Ian and I decided to order two starters each and just share a main.  So we ordered the four starters all to come out at once - I went for prawn puree and spice aubergine (aubergine stuffed with spicy minced lamb), Ian opted for the Malai Tikka (chicken spiced with ginger and garlic and sprinkled with cheese) and the Mango Tikka (chicken in a spicy mango sauce).  

The staff at the restaurant are very friendly and have a good sense of humour.  They bought out the plates of food and put them in the middle of our table (they weren't to know that we were having two complete starters each instead of half of all four).  They then returned with the following plates.  Certainly memorable!

My prawn puree looked so good, all stacked up (I've had this in other indian restaurants and it's never looked this pretty before), and tasted great too.  The aubergine was yummy and Ian's two types of tikka were good too, although one was scarily green which we weren't expecting!


For the main we went for the Shahi Bedami curry (chicken in a cream and tomato based curry with ground cashew nuts).  It was a bit too gloopy for me, but pleasant - I didn't have too much because the two starters were probably enough for me so Ian finished it off and I was very pleased that we didn't waste anything like we normally do.  

We rarely order dessert in indian restaurants as they're generally just frozen things as opposed to homemade things, so we stopped off at the shop next door and grabbed some ice creams.  

Ian's really lucky to have such a lovely restaurant so close to his parents house.  (If you're in the area, definitely go here and not to the chip shop - that was rubbish!)

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Lisa said...

I know what you mean about the weird industrial ice creams that pass for dessert in many Indian restaurants - best avoided - but if you ask, you often find that the chef makes desserts that they don't put on the menu because English customers either don't know what they are or don't want to try them.

If you'd like to hop on over to my blog, the posting headed "It's not easy being green" will give you an Indian dessert recipe!

Great plate deco, by the way! Next time you're in the resto, tell the staff that their idea has been much admired in the south of France!!!