Friday, 5 December 2008

Cheat's Fudge

This year I decided to make fudge and give as gifts to some of my friends. So, using Nigella's fudge recipe, which is cheating a little(doesn't need a sugar thermometer), but still makes yummy fudge like stuff, I set to work. I used only 150g of dark chocolate and substituted the rest for milk chocolate as the last time I made it my friend complained it was too dark. I also used slightly less pistachios than the recipe required, mainly because I couldn't help myself from eating them whilst shelling them! Also, I forgot the pinch of salt, but I don't think it made a difference. My dark chocolate hating friend still wasn't keen, so I think next time I'll do some with just milk chocolate, maybe with cherries in, and also one with white chocolate and cranberry. The only thing I'd say about this is it does melt if left out of the fridge, but apparently is also edible straight from the freezer.

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