Saturday, 27 December 2008

Leftover Pie

After Christmas, even though we don't have a massive turkey, we still had quite a lot of our supersized chicken left over. I believe my mum usually makes a chicken stew with this, but as this has onion and other stuff that Ian wont eat in, and as we were staying slightly longer this christmas, we had to think of other ideas for the leftovers. So, Ian decided on a chicken, black pudding and apple pie. I'm told this basically involved chucking it all in a saucepan with some chicken stock, and boiling until reduced and a nice piey consistency. The filling is then putting into a dish, and some shop bought puff pastry laid over the top, with the edges tucked in as we'd seen Jamie Oliver do for his leftover turkey and leek pie a few days previously. I made some slits in the top with a knife and we baked it until golden. With some mash, it was very very tasty. Not yummy, because I've been told that I use yummy too much. Tasty delicious scrumptious delectable etc etc but definitely not yummy!.

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