Friday, 13 January 2012

100th Post!

This is my 100th post! It's also my birthday! Celebrations all round.

So, I'd like to do a giveaway - I've never done one of these before, but it sounds like fun.

To enter, leave a comment saying what your best or worst birthday present has been, and then I'll randomly select a winner from the comments using some clever random number generator.

The prize will be a small cupcake themed parcel of goodies. I'm happy to post anywhere, so it's open to all.  Make sure you leave some way to contact you when you comment.

I'll draw the winner once I'm done celebrating my birthday, which will be 24th January, 10pm UK time.

Good Luck!


Chris Z said...

Probably driving lessons, for best. Is that boring? Sarah got me a rally driving day for Christmas, that was fairly awesome. Oooh, the avocado from last year's travels. Definitely - hands down winner (in fact I highly recommend Peru for birthdaying, the staff at the restaurant we went to brought me a massive free sharing cocktail with sparklers and everything after dinner).

James Hodgson said...

Best birthday presents were for my 18th Birthday:

1. Earlier in the year, my parents had bought me a medieval tent, as such a thing in the middle of December isn't a lot of use!

2. I got accepted into Oxford University on my actual 18th birthday!

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

My best birthday present was obviously a shopping trip to the Bath Christmas markets with a Carrie to carry my stuff! This is despite receiving the present in November when my birthday is in June, the anticipation definitely added something. :)

Matt Clark said...

Worst present - A plastic key that said 21 on it. It didn't open anything, that was it.

Best present - Parents are paying for my entrance fee to the Ironman in 2013 which I shall be doing with my dad.

Sam Williams said...

Can't really remember my birthday presents, but I got the iPod touch when it came out woo

jjrscott said...

Worst present: Socks when I was a child.

Best present: Socks now I'm an adult. Saves me going to buy own.