Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Week 3 Photo Challenge

Already I'm beginning to amass a good number of photos, and I'm getting quite excited about how many I'll have at the end! My friend pointed out that it will make me remember just how much I did this year, and although at times I find it hard to think what to photograph, I'm persevering because I know it'll be worth it. This week I did almost miss a photo though, so apologies for the randomness of Day 11 (and the blurry photo!).

Day 10 is a reminder of the vast amounts of sweets and chocolate still to eat - this will appear again this week too!
Day 10
Day 10 - Sweetie Bowl
Day 11 was the day when, at 11pm, as I'm dozing off, I realise I've not taken a photo. This time, Ian is doing similar next to me so I can't convince him to go and get my camera or take a photo on my behalf.  I tried taking an arty picture of my bedside table but it just looked messy. Then I spotted my first digital camera in amongst some junk in a drawer and thought it would be a good thing to document. I'm on my fourth digital camera now, one died when my sister pushed it off a kitchen work surface with a cake (she maintains it committed suicide), and the other didn't have a good enough zoom to cut it for the honeymoon. I'd still like to get better at taking photos, so hopefully this challenge will help with that too. 
Day 11
Day 11 - Camera blast from the past
Day 12 there are a set of photos. I'll only post the starting one here, but you can check out this set on flickr to see what happened. 
Day 12b
Day 12 - How can you eat something that's looking at you like that?
Day 13 was my birthday so there were plenty of photos to choose from that Ian took while I opened my presents. 
Day 13
Day 13 - Happy Birthday to me!
Day 14 my family arrived to celebrate my birthday. When my family are visiting the week beforehand is spent frantically tidying the house. It doesn't take long for it to look like this, but it's worth it because we have fun!
Day 14
Day 14
Day 15 we went out for a meal out at The Water Margin with my family and two friends. Entertaining a six year old isn't always easy, and you have to be resourceful. Sometimes, playing with your food is OK!
Day 15a
Day 15 - Chopstick noughts and crosses
When we got back, we realised that my friends shoes are the same size as my eldest niece. There's a twenty year age gap, and it's not that my niece has enormous feet!
Day 15b
Day 15 - shoe size shenanigans
Day 16's photo is an example of the worst parking ever. I was so shocked as I drove past that I managed to park my car almost as bad and had to repark (and really, this person should have reparked - it's ridiculous!) 
Day 16
Day 16 - Parking palava
This week should be a good one for photo opportunities so next weeks post will be worth checking back for. Also, don't forget you've got until 24th January to enter my giveaway.

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Lisa said...

I love your daily pictures!!!

I know that, when you're the person taking them, you sometimes feel a bit lost for something to record on an "ordinary" day, but your ordinary days are extraordinary for someone else.

The "interesting" parking is universal (in fact, that qualifies as really quite good for France!).

A Chinese restaurant! Haven't been in one of those since 12th November 2010 and I don't even have a photo to remember it by!

Keep taking those pics - I love 'em!