Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Week 2 Photo Challenge

Taking a photo a day isn't that easy. Some days, I'm just really boring! But I've managed to keep up with it, and I'm blogging again so it's all going swimmingly so far.

Ian got a new alarm clock this week, and the first time it went off, he jumped, so I guess it's working!

Day 3
Day 3 - Monkey Alarm

It's been hard getting back into the routine of early bedtimes for work, and so when I managed to make it upstairs before 10pm on day 4, I thought it would make a good subject for the photo. I tried to take a picture several times with the clock on 21:59 but they all came out blurry, so unfortunately the picture doesn't really prove before 10pm, but it's close enough! (Clearly the routine isn't working, I'm writing this at 10.08pm!)
Day 4
Day 4

The last day of the christmas decorations happened to coincide with an incredibly windy day here in Hampshire so I tried to document both of these things. Thankfully, the damage we sustained was only a fallen over chair, not any trees or fences.
Day 5 (1/2)
Day 5 - Wind carnage
Day 5 (2/2)
Day 5 - Tequila!
This bobblehead reindeer was the newest addition to our Christmas decorations this year, and possibly my favourite.

On my day zero list, I also have a goal of reading a book a month. Some months I've even managed three, but I'm trying to keep it to one so that I can use the spare time to achieve other things on my list. So, it's 10 days into January and I've already finished the book for this month, and that's because I settled down to read it with chocolate! What a perfect evening. 

Day 6
Day 6
Days 7 and 8, my photos are of new purchases I made. One is slightly more exciting than the other, both are purple though! I'm still working out whether the curtains are good enough, that's why there is still an old one up, but the laptop is amazing and I'm blogging on it right now!

Day 7
Day 7

Day 8
Day 8 - Wish I'd hoovered before taking this photo!
Day 9 was the first day where I found myself in bed having forgotten to take a photo. Thankfully, I knew what I wanted to photograph, and Ian was still up, so I asked him to do it for me. I told him that I wanted to photograph the new waitrose magazine we picked up while shopping, to show that we were back into the shopping routine after the Christmas disorder. Ian followed my brief, but decided to add his own twist and sneakily put the empty Terrys Chocolate Orange box in the picture to show that as well as returning to routine, I'd also spent the night scoffing the whole thing! We've got so much chocolate in the house right now, I'm worried this will become a common photo!

Day 9
Day 9

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Lisa said...

Well done on keeping up with the photos! I know it isn't easy. I've just updated my blog for the first time since Christmas. Wah!

That monkey clock would give me nightmares, but oooooooooooooh, a Waitrose food magazine. Just about the only thing I miss now that I don't live in the UK is Waitrose!!!