Saturday, 10 March 2012

Christmas Revisited Part Two

When I was young we'd always have a light breakfast on Christmas day so as to be ready for the large Christmas lunch at midday. Ian grew up with a slightly different timetable on Christmas day and is used to a large breakfast and a later dinner. I like a full english so Ian's way seems pretty good to me!

This years fry up was even better because we were at Ian's parents so didn't have to make it!


Christmas dinner was also pretty epic, it took me ages to find some of it because it was piled so high! Look at all those lovely sprouts - I only have them at Christmas but I really love them so I might try and see if we can have them more often (by we I mean me, because Ian is not a fan). 


We enjoyed a few dinners out whilst up in Birmingham as Ian's parents were still trying to sort all the lose ends left over from their extension and so it was easier to wander along to the nearby restaurants. One restaurant was a steak house, that did amazing onion bread which I forgot to photograph but was so much better than the normal onion rings that normally accompany steak (although it was probably more filling so I struggled to get through the steak - I did eat Ian's bread too though so that might have been the problem!). We also visited The Oak, and I remembered to take pictures of only the starters this time, but I guess that's an improvement. These were chorizo fritters which were very tasty and nicely presented.

2011-12-27 13.14.39

Ian preferred his starter which was goats cheese with a hazelnut crust and caramelised walnuts with apple puree. I can't remember what the red stuff was but the whole thing was good - I'm pleased we share starters!

2011-12-27 13.14.48

When we got back home after our visit to Ian's parents, my mum and aunt came to visit for a second Christmas and some silly games, and Ian cooked another massive dinner. I've realised why I like my plates so much - because you don't often get blue food, so they stand out nicely from the food, but also adds a good amount of colour to the photos I take!   


A Christmas food round up wouldn't be complete without Christmas Pizza. Last Christmas we first experienced Christmas Pizza, and it was so amazing that we had to do it again.  Next year will be our turn to host it, so I need to document what the pizzas looked like so I can remember how to make it! We created an assembly line and managed to get through almost 8 pizzas between 8 people (which for reference doesn't need more than 2 tubs of mascarpone - my friend bought about four and ended up freezing the leftovers to make cheesecake with later - a slightly unsuccessful venture as it turned out.)



I made a nice trifle for dessert, but I'm going to allow that to get it's own post, as I took so many pictures during the process. 


Lisa said...

I've got tummyache just looking at these photos - and I wouldn't even eat most of it, as it's all very meaty!!

That goat's cheese starter looked delicious, though. The red stuff was probably either cranberry or redcurrant sauce/jelly of some kind - always lovely with hot goat's cheese as the sharpness of the fruit contrasts with the milkiness of the cheese.

Can't wait to see the trifle!!! (yes, I know I've got tummyache, but there's always room for trifle!)

Carrie said...

The trifle is worth the wait for sure.