Sunday, 25 March 2012

What do I love more than pancakes?


Last year, we celebrated International Nacho day. I was very excited - so excited that the board was in party mode before we even left for work that day! 

We went for a similar set up to the last nacho party, but this time I took some pictures of the nachos... before cooking only though. 

Here are the nachos with cheese on top... 

And what do you put on top of the cheese? We put chilli mainly, and guacamole. But, we have a fab nacho topping idea that we possibly like more than chilli. 

Sweet chilli sauce! It's amazing, you'll love it! Seriously, give it a go.


Anonymous said...

What this post needs is a photo of you in a sombrero, we must try harder next time :D

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

That comment was from me by the way, accidentally hit the Anonymous radio button in my eagerness to publish my comment!

Lisa said...

Ah, sweet chilli sauce. I love it! Not on nachos, though. I love it dribbled (flooded!) over that fresh goat's cheese that's in the shape of a pyramid with the top chopped off (obviously I can't remember the name of it), sprinkled with a few fresh coriander leaves, then smeared onto fresh ciabatta.

Sadly, I've never seen sweet chilli sauce in our little corner of France! I did once buy a bottle of what purported to be HoiSin sauce. Just once. It tasted as though it had been made out of the melted down soles of worn out Hush Puppies. Brown Hush Puppies. YUK!

Carrie said...

Pyramid shaped goats cheese? hmm.. not sure I've seen that, but now I want to find some and cover it in sweet chilli sauce.

Hoisin sauce should definitely not taste of hush puppies, that sounds properly gross!

If you ever track down sweet chilli sauce, I'd recommend trying the nachos, you wont regret it!