Saturday, 15 January 2011

Christmas Pizza

In the run up to Christmas, you can end up having the same turkey dinner over and over again and by the time it gets to the big day, you're fed up.  Enter the Christmas pizza, the ingenious idea from our Basingstoke friends, DL and PG.  Our friends moved into their new house quite possibly years ago, and this was finally our invite round to their house.  I must say, it was a lovely house, and a great evening, made superb by the pizza.

They let me take pictures of each stage, and I even helped make one - that's how wonderful I am!

You can make your own base, but the packet mixes are pretty good, and a good time saver.  DL and PG roll the edge, I assume that's important! 

The tomato sauce of a normal pizza gets ditched in favour of the much better marscapone sauce (add a bit of milk to make it spreadable).  DL didn't see me go to take this photo, so just ignore that bit of turkey there! (It's like a sneak preview)

Next add sliced turkey - if you're eating with PG, you need to be generous with the meat - I got told off for leaving gaps. 

The other toppings are paxo stuffing, a pig in blanket, and some mozarella cheese.  Doesn't it look gorgeous? You'll notice there's only stuffing on one half - that's because it's sage and onion stuffing and Ian is fussy remember!

And here it is all cooked and ready to eat - we ate lots, and it was amazing - I think this might have to happen every year!

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