Friday, 14 January 2011

Dinner with Friends

Before Christmas we had some friends over for dinner.  It was mid week, so we wanted to keep the meal simple as we'd be cooking straight after getting in from work.  I was going to make my sweetcorn fritter batter up while Ian started on the cherry coke duck, and then he'd make that along with deep fried mozarella, while I chatted to our friends.  Unfortunately, when shopping the day before, Ian neglected to mention that he'd need redcurrant jelly and so I had to dash to tescos to get some, while he took over all the cooking.  All I managed to do to help in the end was line up the plates with salad ready to have the starters laid on top.  And I think it makes for quite a cute picture.

I usually make the fritters smallish, but I clearly didn't tell Ian this, because he made one mahoosive fritter per person! Check out the size of them!

The difference in the mozarella breading is because Ian wanted to experiment with adding paprika to the flour.  We couldn't really tell the difference, but it didn't make them bad - I couldn't tell you which was better.  

You may wish to pop back to the previous cherry coke duck picture first, before looking at the next picture, see if you can play spot the difference.  Ian decided to cook the cherry coke down slightly more this time, so that it turned pretty much to toffee! He said he really enjoyed it, but I think it totally overpowered the duck, and I was really disappointed.  I told him off for altering something I'd specifically chosen to share with friends because it was so good, and making stuff just for his own taste.  He's good at that.- naughty Ian!

For dessert, we cheated and had lemon cheesecakes from Fru.  Very very yummy and much easier than attempting our own dessert. 

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