Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The difference a year makes

Last Christmas I made a cottage pie for Christmas eve, ready for when my family arrived.  This time, we were spending Christmas just the two of us, but I still managed to crack out the cottage pie after boxing day when my family came for Christmas number two! Last year, my eldest niece ate the cottage pie, peas and all - this year there was a lot of effort to get her to eat it.  My youngest niece was the harder of the pair to get to eat it last year but this year she happily ate it all and had seconds.  It's crazy the difference a year makes!

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Lisa said...

A whole year to make a difference in kids' eating habits? You're lucky!! We don't have "littl'uns" of our own, but the neighbours' two seem to change from weekend to weekend!
Looks like an excellent cottage pie, BTW.....