Tuesday, 18 January 2011



Every year Ian and I put together some marzipan fruits for my marzipan loving aunt.  This year, I thought it was about time my nieces had a go at it, so we coloured all the marzipan in advance, and set about showing them how to make the fruits.  Some fell on the floor, but most of it ended up as fruits - I think we kept them occupied for at least 20 minutes before they decided they wanted to be more creative and do their own thing.  You'll notice in amongst the fruit, there is a face, a penguin, a couple of lollipops, a frog...

...and my sisters effort, a caterpillar.


the happy honeybee said...

Oh, marzipan is so much fun to work with! I don't actually enjoy the taste, just the ability to play with/shape it. :)

I made a chocolate cake a few years ago decorated with honeybees: http://thehungrycat.blogspot.com/2007/04/chocolate-honeybee-cake.html

Lisa said...

Not sure about the insects, I must admit, but the grapes are very good!

Another nice little trick for marzipan lovers (such as myself!) is to remove the pips from scrummy dates without chopping all the way through, then replace with a fat-pip-sized piece of marzipan, drizzle the tiniest amount of dark chocolate over the top and, as Saint Nigella would say, apply to face. YUM!