Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No TV = Productivity Win!


So, I found some time. I worked out that if I don't put the telly on, then I'm more likely to do something useful. Yesterday evening I tidied the bedroom. Today isn't going so well, but that's because we were late home and then spent too long chatting to the neighbours, so I figured I'd blog and watch telly tonight instead of tidying the next room along. But I already feel happier having achieved something for once after work instead of just flaking in front of the telly.

I love the telly, but I hate the telly too! I really need to manage my telly time better to ensure I have time for other things in my life, but I'm really enjoying working towards my Day Zero list goal of watching a film a week - I've definitely seen some good things since I started that (and some questionable things too!). So, I need to strike a balance really - I might set aside 30mins a night, and then one night a week on top of that for telly time and see how it goes.

What do you do? Do you impose telly time routines on yourself? How much telly time do you have a week?


ThisWillBeMyYear said...

I tend to get more done around the house when I run out of stuff to watch on my sky+ box (thankfully that doesn't happen that often!). If I'm having a lazy weekend I'll usually turn the TV off around 3pm and do something useful till dinner time (mainly because I'm uncomfortable from sitting down too long!). I don't have a strict TV routine as you might imagine, one of the perks of not living with your Mum that I'm not going to give up easily!

Carrie said...

I don't remember my mum ever imposing a TV routine on me - maybe she did when I was little, but we were always busy so didn't really get much of a chance to watch it anyway then. I managed to write two blogposts yesterday but only in the time when I muted the telly and stopped really watching it. I can however catch up on other peoples blogs whilst watching the telly - especially the ones where I only look at the pictures!

Clare Hooper said...

I don't think I have a telly routine -- I'll watch a bit of telly over dinner, usually, but then I tend to do other stuff. But I'm more of a book than a telly person in general, I'd say!

Carrie said...

I bet that's why you're so much more productive that me!

Lisa said...

I was always terrible with telly until I started studying while working full time. I knew that I'd never get all my reading done if I had a telly in the house, so I got rid of it. I was telly-free for about 6 years and didn't miss it at all. Now that I'm married to a man with a telly, I miss radio!!

I very rarely just sit and watch telly (these days only "Lewis" can make me pay attention), I'm always either writing letters or stitching/knitting at the same time. That way I can at least feel I've achieved something!