Saturday, 21 April 2012

Week 11 Photo Challenge

Day 66's photo is me documenting how Ian likes his chips. They're very crispy!
Day 66

Day 67 is a photo of the valentines gift that I got from a guy at work - all a bit strange - but I got free play-doh so I'm not complaining (although I forgot how much that stuff smells!!)
Day 67

Day 68 shows what happens when you turn your back on Monkey at work.
Day 68

Do you remember all those receipts I had back in Week X? Well, I decided to overhaul my receipt system, and instead of putting them in boxes and forgetting about them, I'm going to spike them like they do with orders in restaurants and then process them monthly. I looked online to see if I could buy a spike but they were all over £10 and I figured it was an easy system to implement. So now I have a placemat with a cocktail stick attached to it with plasticine. It's not pretty but the receipts hide that, and it's working out much better than my old system.
Day 69

Day 70 I finally made Ian a cherry pie. It didn't go so well - I'll explain more in it's own post later!

Day 70

On day 71 I had to break the news to my team at work that I'd accepted a new job in a different department, and figured the best way to do that was with cake. I always have some bananas on standby, so got up early to make a banana loaf. There is a guy in my team who doesn't like banana loaf though so I cracked out some of the emergency freezer cookies to ensure that he didn't have to face the news of my departure without baked goods to cheer him up!
Day 71

Whilst making my lunch on day 72, I decided that this would make an interesting photo - not sure why! You'll notice there isn't a green pepper - that's because those things suck!
Day 72


Ian said...

I don't like very crispy chips, I just hate soggy chips! It does result in some chips being overcooked but that is better than having soggy ones on the plate.

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

Those chips are burnt! But I agree that crispy chips are the best.

Have you used your receipt spike yet? How often are you going to go through them?

Carrie said...

There's crispy and then there's too crispy. But I don't mind them, I just see chips as carriers of ketchup anyway!

I've used my receipt spike every month for the last two months. I go through them every time I get a bank statement in the post, so I can make sure they correspond, then I chuck em (unless I need them for returns/warranties)

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

Well done, sounds like the new system is working! And I bet you have fun stabbing them on the spike too! :)

Carrie said...

Yes, that is the highlight for sure! :D