Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Week 10 Photo Challenge

Day 59 is joke time. We've been enjoying penguins as snacks at work recently, and the jokes are just as bad as I remember them. See if you can guess the punchline to this one.

Day 59
Day 60 shows my attempt at a new lunch regime. My lunch is on the right - you'll see it's much taller a stack than Ian's - I've got a sandwich, some crudites and some houmous, strawberries, a yoghurt and a banana. I was really chuffed with the houmous - I love the caramelised onion one, but they never have a low fat version of that, so I finally worked out that I could buy the reduced fat one and add my own caramelised onions in - so simple but effective!

Day 60
Day 61 was the first day of March. I'd managed a whole month without takeaway (even the extra leap year day!), and so we celebrated with Dominos. You'll see the big smile on Ian's face - it was a good day!

Day 61
Everytime we go to ikea, I pick up this set of 3 scissors for 99p. Scissors always go walkies in our house, so it's good to have plenty - even if Ian thinks I'm crazy for always buying them!

Day 62
A week after our trip to ikea, and the billy bookcases we bought remain on the floor in our dining room, along with the parcel shelf and head rests for the car!

Day 63
After a bit of nagging, the car parts are back in the car, but the billy bookcases remain unmade. One step at a time I guess!

Day 64
Day 65 brings exciting post to our door (or to the depot where I went to collect it, but that doesn't sound as good). I ordered a personalised address stamp from etsy and it finally arrived all the way from Malaysia. It's got two little owls in the centre of it, and it makes me really happy to send post now!

Day 65


ThisWillBeMyYear said...

Is that the post box from your wedding that I spotted in the background behind the billy bookcases?! Are you waiting to blog about your wedding before you put everything away? :P

Also not sure the best reward for a month of not eating takeaway is dominos, doesn't that just undo all your good work? :)

The stamp is really cool though, you should post a picture of what it looks like on envelopes!

Carrie said...

Where do you think I should put the post box?

The takeaway challenge wasn't to lose weight though, it was just to see if it was doable.

And if I post a picture of the stamp, everyone will have my address.... not sure that's a good idea!

Clare Hooper said...

I'd like to see the stamp made by the stamp, too! We don't need to see your address :)

...what was the punchline of the penguin joke?

Lisa said...

I can't guess the joke punchline either. Wah!

How many other people were coming to help you eat the contents of that massive pile of Domino's boxes?

Ian said...


Carrie said...

Lisa - don't judge us, we like dominos :D We tend to order quite a few sides and then we have leftover pizza for lunch the next day (but I'll admit, we do look like pigs!)

Clare - email me your address and you'll get your own private viewing of the stamp :D

Ian - peck-asso to you too!

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

The post box should be away in a cupboard or storage box unless you have a new use for it, don't think keeping it on the floor in your dining room indefinitely is a great idea!

You could blank out your address or post that picture they sent you with someone else's address on it!

The joke is rubbish, Picasso is post-impressionist and more known for cubism and surrealism. :P

Lisa said...

Well, if you're making all those boxes last several meals...... I used to do the same when I lived round the corner from the BEST Indian takeaway ever. I deliberately over-ordered so that I could feast for a few days.

Now I can't even remember what takeaway is like, never mind food that's delivered by a person on a moped. Remember, we are WAY out in the country here! There is a pizza van that comes to the village one evening a week, but I can't bring myself to eat pizza cooked in a converted transit van!

Carrie said...

And when you can make Nigella's pizza, why would you?!