Monday, 9 April 2012

Week 9 Photo Challenge

I'm a bit behind on posting my photos, so behind that it's a little bit of a struggle to remember why I took some of the photos which was totally not the idea of the challenge and I'm feeling very silly for not being better.

Week 9 started with a photo of pancake party aftermath. I'm very good at remembering to take photos after everyone has gone!

Day 52
Day 53 I came downstairs to find Ian had sneakily changed the board after the pancake party. It used to look like this, but I loved the altered version (and it stayed up for a few weeks too!).

Day 53
Day 54 would have been a better photo, but I'd already removed my contact lenses so couldn't see anything to photograph. Instead you've got a picture of my lense, on my finger where I like to put them because it makes my finger all shiny!

Day 54
Day 55's photo is of this annoying wardrobe that I want to get rid of - I'd love a corner wardrobe instead but am struggling to find one that I like (and with a non-ridiculous price tag!).

Day 55
Day 56 I went off to try and capture the moon again - this time along with Venus. When I was unloading the car at my friends house after our ikea trip (not to get a wardrobe), it was much brighter and clearer, but it had moved and so I didn't quite do it justice (venus is the light in the bottom left - not the street lamp though).

Day 56
The next picture comes with a cute warning. It's sooo cute. Unbelievable cute. I'm not lying, you'll make a funny aaaw sound when you see it. Ian wasn't feeling well so I bought him this cute monkey. I've just asked him if he's given the monkey a name. He said no. Then he decided now was the time to name him. He's called him 'penguin'. My husband is special. But anyway, here comes the cute!!

Day 57
The next picture isn't as cute, but is still special. This was part of my present for our six monthiversary. Points for anyone who can guess what animal it's meant to be!

Day 58


ThisWillBeMyYear said...

The blue stuffed animal looks like a very special owl, did I guess right?

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

And yes the monkey is cute, looks familiar too, did you get it in Clinton Cards?

Carrie said...

It is an owl, but I'm sure I told you about it, so that's cheating! And yes, he was in the window of clintons staring at me - I couldn't resist!

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

I don't remember you telling me about it, you have a lot of owls anyway, how am I supposed to keep track?! It just looks like an owl, it's got a beak and talons, the wings are a bit lame though and I don't think they're typically blue! :)

Carrie said...

It's beak doesn't look right to me though. That's why I think it's odd.

Lisa said...

You and I clearly have different ideas about "cute". I find that monkey seriously disturbing. It would give me nightmares!!

Carrie said...

If you saw him in real life, with someone making his little hands move, you'd be sucked in by his cuteness I assure you.

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

The owl is just plain ugly, the monkey is cute though, anything with big eyes like that is cute! :)

Lisa said...

That monkey moving about in any way would make me run screaming from the room!!

I must confess, I thought the owl was a penguin! Well, it looks cold and appears to have webbed feet......