Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Where can I find more time? I want to blog but I'm too busy catching up on all the blogs I'm reading! I never seem to have enough time to write a whole post and organise all the pictures for it and link them together - there's a lot of overhead in every post - it's not easy! Plus, if I spend all the time blogging, I don't do anything that I can blog about!

Any ideas how to solve this? Anyone got a time machine?!

P.S. The eagle eyed among you will notice that I made myself a banner and removed the cake from the background. Just to be clear, I did that at the weekend when I was not meant to be anywhere near a computer. Sometimes you accidentally find time, and then regret it!


ThisWillBeMyYear said...

You'd have more time to blog if you weren't always messing with the background! :P I miss the cake photo in the background too.

You could blog every time Ian puts on a movie you've seen 10 times before too.

Carrie said...

It annoyed me that the background didn't fit perfectly though.

ThisWillBeMyYear said...

Guess you approve of the amount of purple now too! :)

Carrie said...

Well obviously, although I'm not sure they go together properly so might play a bit more.