Sunday, 29 August 2010

Cooking Wednesdays

What did I cook this week? Well...good question. 

I cheated slightly with a premade curry paste but I ignored all instructions on how to use it so I think it's OK. The curry paste was a massaman lamb one.  I boiled both new and sweet potato for 14 and 7 minutes respectively. I then fried the lamb, added the paste once the meat had some colour, added a small tin of coconut cream and then mixed in the potatoes and a handful of cashews. I also added some water, to make the sauce go further, but then I was worried it was too watery so added some leftover creme fraiche from the pea dip towards the end of the cooking. 

The food turned out really good, despite having to wait for our late arriving builder to leave (he seemed oblivious to the fact we were about to have dinner even though I kept clattering plates as loud as I could!)

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Ariel Bouvier said...

Looks good. I love curry!
peace & love,