Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Leftovers - Peach tart

After my dinner party, I had a sheet of puff pastry left over and I was wondering what to do with it.  I also had some overripe peaches in the fridge that I'd forgotten about and the leftover berries from the cheesecake.  So, whilst also trying to make lasagne for the weekend, I decided to make a peach tart.  I sprinkled vanilla sugar over the pastry to make it a bit sweeter, sliced the peaches and laid them on top and added berries at random.  I sprinkled again with vanilla sugar and then used butter on the edges of the pastry.  I baked until it looked done (sorry I can't be more precise but I was multitasking - it's hard work!).

With a bit of ice cream, it was yummy and I felt better about not wasting.


the happy honeybee said...

I love frozen puff pastry for desserts in a pinch. I make an apple tart (from Barefoot Contessa, I think) that just has thinly sliced apples and a layer of apricot jam thinned out with brandy. Mmm!

Lisa said...

Looks fab! If you wanted to make a hyper-decadent version of this, roll out a lump of marzipan as thinly as you can and lay that on top of the pastry before adding the peaches and raspberries. Peach and almond is a combination made in heaven!

Carrie said...

Good idea for normal people, but I can't stand marzipan or anything almond flavoured. I will it almonds though, I'm weird like that.