Sunday, 8 August 2010

Work In Progress - Octopus

This is a picture of one of the octopuses I started making last year - I've got two on the go, one pink, one purple.  I was making them to give to my nieces for Christmas, but didn't finish them on time. I really should finish these off as they're so close to being done, all they need doing is their eyes, adding sequins and beads to their legs and then sewing all the legs on.  Hopefully this will shame me into doing it and I can give them as this years Christmas presents!


April said...

i'm already a follower, I think from another blog swap :) I do think shaming yourself into finishing a project by posting it on your blog for accountability is a great idea :)

april-rainbowafterrain81 blog me, baby swap

Kitty Darkness Designs said...

i love octopusses (or octopi ??) I hope you will finish these!

xoxo Tarah/MissThundercat
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Mimi said...

wow looks scary! hahaha! Im sure it will look like a cute octopi when its done!! Ichigoshortcake xxx