Sunday, 29 April 2012

This time last year....


I'd been up for hours making food ready for our Royal Wedding tea party.  I'd been struggling to make trays of uniform looking sandwiches (the bread wasn't square!).  I'd made shortbread myself for the first time, but I'd cheated and bought the scones. I'd made two types of sausage rolls (one with onion, one without).

2011-04-28 22.50.10

I'd spent the evening before making last minute bunting as all our local shops were out - it was simple but effective and added a nice splash of colour to the room. 

2011-04-28 22.50.03

I'd also made little union flags to adorn the cupcakes to make up for not piping the icing in a pretty manner (time was too short and I'd run out of disposal icing bags).

2011-04-27 20.38.12

I'd not made enough flags so used skittles to decorate the remaining cupcakes. I'd also realised that my cupcake holder was too big, as there was only 6 people coming to the tea party yet we had 23 cupcakes!

I'd roped Ian in to help chop fruit for the Pimm's.

We had a nice afternoon in front of the telly watching it all, and even though my friends aren't really very royalist, we enjoyed the day because it was an excuse to get together and drink Pimms!


ThisWillBeMyYear said...

Nice to see this post finally :) Guessing this could become a regular feature as you've got 7 months of blogging to catch up with from last year!

Carrie said...

I've blogged quite a bit of it already - I just thought it would be nice to do this one on the anniversary.

Lisa said...

I wouldn't say that 23 cupcakes among 6 people was overcatering. Nowhere near!!