Thursday, 9 February 2012

Blog Amalgamation

Did you know I have another blog? It says I do over in the side bar there! But... my other blog hasn't been updated since.... wait for it.... November 2010! Oops!

I first decided to have two blogs to keep my crafting and my baking separate, but now I think I want to track everything in one place as I have quite a few crafty things I'd like to blog, but am too scared to go back over there because I've been away so long.

So next week, I'm going to close down the other blog, and import all the content in over here. And then you'll all get to hear about the crafty things we got up to during the wedding planning. Lucky you!


Lisa said...

Yay! I'll have lots of lovely new stuff to read, pics to look at, and comments to leave. There goes my weekend.....

Carrie said...

Logistically, I'm not sure how it'll work. It appears that it'll likely post things in at the same time they were posted on my old blog, so might involve some hunting around. I don't know if you use an RSS reader, but that may pick them up as new - not sure.

Clare Hooper said...

I use an RSS reader and nothing seems broken at all \o/

But now your sidebar says you have two blogs and that is untrue ;)

I think you made a good call on merging them. Yay you!