Wednesday, 29 February 2012

People Pictures?


Since starting this blog, I've struggled with whether or not to include pictures of myself or friends on it. The friends part was the easier decision because I didn't want to annoy anyone by putting pictures of them on the web without them knowing. But deciding whether to link my own face with my blog was quite difficult. I'm not ashamed of my blog. It's not that at all. But it was never about showing myself off, it was more about sharing my baking experiences with people (and my future forgetful self).The only place you'll find me featured is in the Cupcake Bouquet post, but I'm not looking at the camera. 

Until recently, it's wasn't a hard thing to do. I took pictures of food, and I posted them. But as I've started to blog more, I've more varied things I want to post about, and some of these topics come with photos that I'm in. I've also realised that I've got an online presence and if you click through to my flickr account, you will find pictures of me anyway. You know my name so you could even google me if you wanted. So, is there any need to be hidden? Would it be nicer to know who you were talking to?

Bit of a rhetorical question really because I've already decided to come out and play a bit more often. Ian's even said he doesn't mind popping up in a post either. I've not checked with my friends yet, so they wont feature anytime soon (and that's not because I don't have any, honest!).

So here I am, coming out from hiding! Hope to see you again soon! (Also, just to point out in case you couldn't tell from the pictures - I'm a little crazy!).


Lisa said...

Lovely to "meet" you!

I know what you mean about whether or not to put people on, I was just the same. In the end it becomes a chore to avoid it, so go with it and enjoy being a webular superstar!

BTW, I adore purple - a fantastic colour and it really suits you!

Carrie said...

I'm glad it suits me because it's practically all I wear! I'm a purple fiend.