Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Week 7 Photo Challenge

In blog news, all blog posts from my other blog are now integrated here. Hopefully the transition was seamless. I'm very excited about being able to share everything in one place now - although I'm not sure what to do about the name, should I come up with a new one for the new combined blog, or stick with the one I have?

Anyway, back to the photo challenge! On day 38, I noticed on the drive home that the moon was particularly large and bright. It's something that happens more often these days, me noticing things that I normally wouldn't because I'm looking for things to photograph for the day. There's a particularly nice tree on the way to work that I'd like to share with you, but it's halfway down a 60mph road and I'm yet to master driving that fast whilst taking a photo! Back to the moon. I tried to photograph it, but I'm still not clued up on my camera, and the only way I could see it was by hanging out of my bedroom window and it was cold! But, check out my photo - I managed to capture not one, not two, but three moons! Which ones the real one?

Day 38
Day 39 shows me attempting to reduce the washing mountain that has built up in our house. This was load 3 and I've done 3 more since, and I'm still not happy to photograph the washing mountain to show you - which doesn't make it sound great but progress is progress!

Day 39
Day 40 and we finally got some snow. Not enough to make a snowman, but enough for me to get excited when it started. There was more at work so I got to play in the car park on the way back from the pub which was probably enough for me (especially as I forgot my gloves!).

Day 40
Day 41 is what happens when you forget to get meat out of the freezer, and you don't believe in using the microwave to defrost meat - you throw together whatever is in your freezer that you can cook from frozen. Leads to a bit of a bizarre dinner but it saved us from takeaway.

Day 41
Day 42, Ian arrived home with flowers for me, to celebrate six months of marriage. There were quite a lot of flowers (all purple because he knows me well), and the majority are in a large vase, but this vase that we got as a wedding gift is much smaller so only has 3 sprigs in it, but I think it's extra pretty because the blue contrasts nicely with the flowers. 

Day 42
In order to get the cash for the flowers, Ian popped into Sainsburys and picked up some baked goodies and got cashback. He chose these ones because he thought they looked amusing. What do you think?

Day 43
Yesterday I was sorting through one of my many 'things to sort' boxes and found some interesting goodies. An odd sock, some top trumps, Ian's old passport, and lots of rolls of film that appear to be used but Ian has no recollection of what's on them. So, this weekend I get to take them to be developed and hope there is nothing shady on there from his past!

Day 44
Hope everyone else is having a good week! And Happy Valentines Day!


Lisa said...

What fun!

I think the real moon must be the fuzzy one on the right because my brain says it's the one on the left, and it's never the one that my brain says (if you see what I mean!).

I'm deeply envious of your solid-loooking washing "pyramid". The ones in France are all expensive and feeble. They wobble around like mad while you're trying to weigh them down with washing. Is the laundry bin empty yet?

I always keep a bag of frozen minced beef in the freezer for Kevin - ICE - because that cooks from frozen. You can do homemade chilli with rice in about half an hour (with a chick pea version for me!).

I'm not sure about that biscuit. If you turn it upside down, you'll see what I mean!!

And I'm on tenterhooks to see what's on those films. Are you going to prolong the excitement by sending them off to Bonusprint by post or are you going to mortgage the owls to have them done in an hour at Snappy Snaps? I can't wait!!

Lisa said...

P.S. Don't change the blog title! I love it - it has just the right Anglo-transatlantic mix of terminology and a generous dollop of humour.

Clare Hooper said...

I am really enjoying your weekly posts, Carrie! It's like a mini tensies substitute, well, ok, it's like a mini Carrie substitute.

Will you show us what photos turned out to be on the films?

Carrie said...

That's 4 people I've fooled with my moon picture now! The moon is actually the middle one, the one on the right is the flash of my camera (yes, I left the flash on by mistake) and the one on the left is the reflection of the actual moon in the window.

My washing pyramid is actually heated too, so I can dry my washing without blocking out all the heat from the radiators in winter. I actually bought it because it's wider than most which made hanging out Ian's t-shirts a breeze. We might have about 6 laundry bins (because I bought nice new ones without managing to empty the old ones!) but I'm please to report that only 2.5 of them contain laundry now!

I suggested to Ian that we go for the quick chilli from frozen mince this week when I again forgot to get dinner out, but instead he got takeaway while I ate some fishcakes from the freezer. He really likes takeaway.

Ian has just taken the photos to boots to be developed, will probably pick them up tomorrow and I will share the contents only if it's worthy of sharing (who knows what a teenage Ian decided was worth photographing!).

Carrie said...

Oh, also, Clare! I'm glad you're liking the blog frequency, I'm very proud of myself for keeping up with it. I find myself posting more on here than I do on facebook these days!