Friday, 10 February 2012

Week 6 Photo Challenge

When we were eating all the takeaway, I was craving home cooked food. I found myself looking back at the meals I've blogged about and suddenly I was inspired by a particular entry. I find plenty of inspiration on the internet but it really pleased me to find inspiration in my own stuff. It totally reminded me why I've been blogging about it all! The entry that did it was here, and day 31's photo shows it, a year and a half on. It was still delicious.

Day 31

I've just searched back through the entries, and I can't find one about day 32's dinner, so I think I may have to feature a post on this later in the week as it's one of our favourite dinners. The only downside of it is the fact Ian can't eat it without making a terrible mess!

Day 32

Day 33 was one of the days where I found myself in bed having forgotten to take the photo for the day. I figured it was a good opportunity to tell you about my inability to draw the bedroom curtains. I don't know how it happens, but every single time I do it, I find myself lying in bed realising there's a gap that is going to let irritating light in that will wake me. Ian never has this problem, I don't know why, so maybe I need to get him to draw the curtains every night, even when he's not going to bed yet. Maybe I can get him to tuck me in too...

Day 33

We may not have had any snow here in Eastleigh, but it has been pretty cold out, and on day 34 I wasted time before work as I didn't want to scrape the ice of the car until I'd gotten a picture of it! I like how you can see the scraper ready to attack in the reflection.

Day 34

Similarly to the wedding book clearout last week, this week I decided to throw away some of the many boxes of receipts I have sitting around in the study. This says 2007 on it, but I had boxes going back to 2002. It was liberating getting rid of them all, and I do wonder why I hung onto them for so long!

Day 35

The receipt cull took more than one day as I was concerned I might throw out an important receipt. I didn't find any in amongst the boxes so the effort might have been wasted, except I found the following receipt that had Ian and I giggling. I apologise for the childish turn to the post, but seriously, what is that first item?!

Day 36

After all that receipt clearing, I needed a nice snack on day 37 so Ian and I finally tried the Mr Kipling pineapple slices my mum was raving about last week. She was particularly pleased with them because the candied pineapple within the sponge means you have to chew more so they last slightly longer than other Mr Kipling slices. I think I still prefer the angel slices as the pineapple slices are a little on the dry side. 

Day 37


Lisa said...

Yummmy looking pea dip! I've never thought of it. Ridiculous, as one of my favourite soups is just an onion, stock, and a shedload of lovely, green frozen peas, cooked and liquidized!

I'm not sure about the look of Mr. Kipling's pineapple thing. I don't think cakes should be yellow unless they're lemon!

I love the pre-scrape frost patterns. So pretty.

As for decade-old receipts - "muff chaos" indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

PocketGenius said...

Never had the pineapple slices, but did try the fruit salad mini-battenbergs ( so good!

Carrie said...

Those mini batts look good, although I'm suspicious of them because battenberg normally has marzipan, but the description seems to imply these don't. Also, can't believe you shared a tesco link - I thought you hated them!