Monday, 27 February 2012

Week 8 Photo Challenge

We start week 8 with a romantic gesture by Ian on valentines day. We don't really celebrate valentines, but he surprised me by turning up at breakfast at work with a hash brown and ketchup on his plate. He likes neither of these and so I was a bit confused why he'd bought them, and then he said that it was a valentines hash brown for me! I was so excited and it was the tastiest hash brown ever!

Day 45

I subscribe to several food magazines, and as part of reading them, I add post-its for recipes that I'd like to try and then photocopy them ready to add them to the favoured recipes folder if they cut it on the first trial. This months copy seemed to have lots of recipes I wanted to try, it makes the magazine look a bit funny afterwards!

Day 46
Day 47 saw me and my friend baking cheesecake in an attempt to use up some marscapone leftover from Christmas pizza back in december that she'd frozen. Unfortunately the cheese didn't make it, but she rushed out to get replacement cheese while I tried not to be too nosey in her house. The cheesecake was very yummy and is a recipe I've made before.

Day 47
Do you remember the picture of my tidy sofa a few weeks ago? Well, it didn't last - check out the mess! One day I'll master keeping things tidy - it only got messy because I was trying to sort through some boxes I found in the study and I got bored halfway through! (if you look carefully you'll see the undeveloped films on the left - we got those back, and they were all from Ian's first cruise back in 2002. We discovered that he didn't go to Dubrovnik for the first time on our honeymoon, he just forgot that he'd been before!)

Day 48
My aunt came down to visit on day 49 for another games evening and we broke out a game we got as a wedding gift, our first ever cooperative board game, Pandemic. It's a different experience because you all have to work together or noone wins, and there's no ganging up on one person.

Day 49
We finished off week 8's weekend by finally sorting out the curtain situation and we now have matching curtains, which I'm really in love with. We also moved the television and the bay looks nice and large and I can't resist dancing about in all the new space we've got. 

Day 50
Day 51 was online shopping day and the arrival of pancake day ingredients. You'll know how much I love pancakes from my previous posts about them here, here and here.

Day 51
I'm running about a week behind in my photo challenge posts as last week when I tried to post, flickr was broken so I couldn't add pictures and everyone knows posts without pictures are just pants. I'll catch up after the end of February because I only have two days left to read my book for this month and I'm only half way through it - oops!


Lisa said...

Anyone that organized with recipe labelling deserves a romantic hash brown!!

Now, you can tell me, how nosey were you really in your friend's house? I promise I won't tell!!

I chortled out loud at the idea of Ian not remembering he'd been to Dubrovnik! What?! An untidy sofa is a sign of being human, but I'm a little bemused about the ketchup bottle. (Mind you, Kevin is a bit OCD about eating at the table, so ketchup never makes it out of the dining room!)

I'm very envious of curtains that go right round the bay window. I had a flat with a bay but there wasn't enough room at the top of the windows for a curtain rail, so the whole bay had to be curtained off! Mind you, it helped to hide the suitcase of clothes that I didn't unpack for about 4 years after moving in.......

Board games. Hmmm. There one of those things that, for me, is always better at the contemplation stage than the playing stage! After about 15 minutes, I decide that whatever it is is really a bored game and I just want to do something else. And why are they always SO complicated? No, I think I'm just going to stick to my weekday 45-minutes in "pensioner mode" as Kevin and I play along with "Pointless"!!!!

Well done on another fun week of photos!!

Carrie said...

I sound organised but I'm a bit behind in my magazine photocopying but I'm slowly catching up.

I really didn't move from the kitchen while my friend was gone - I didn't want to be cheeky, plus, she knows how noisy I am and lets me look in her cupboards anyway so I didn't have to do it in secret.

We have a nice big dining table which we sit at most days, but if we're eating non-messy food, I allow Ian the treat of eating on the sofa. I believe on this occasion it was chips and fish fingers, and the ketchup comes into the living room because I eat so much of it so I have to be able to add more when I run out.

I am constantly sitting and staring at how beautiful the curtains are and the space that we've now got in the bay - so nice. When you unpacked the suitcase, did you just decide you didn't need the clothes as you'd managed 4 years without them? We've still got a few unpacked boxes from when we moved in almost 3 years ago!

Board games are definitely not for everyone, but pointless definitely is!

Lisa said...

I think I actually started to wear the clothes once I'd unpacked them. Apart from something horrid in burgundy velour (a present, I didn't buy it) that went straight to the charity shop!

If there's ever a board game of Pointless, I'm going to be in real trouble!!!

Carrie said...

There is a board game of pointless. We got given it at Christmas.

Not as good as the show though.