Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Week 5 Photo Challenge

This week was full of takeaway, as eluded to in the last post. We had takeaway 5 nights in a row! Thankfully, I took photos of more interesting stuff than takeaway! 

My first picture from day 24 is of one of my souveneirs that I picked up on my honeymoon. It's the cutest thing ever - I'm not normally a fish ornament person (I favour owls, penguins and snails) but I can't help but look at these and immediately attempt to create the same face. It's caused amusement to most of my friends and I'm sure the face I pull it pretty unattractive, but I just can't not do it! I'm considering another trip back to Croatia just to buy a whole load more! 

Day 24

Day 25's picture is to show that I'm managing to keep my sofa tidy. I have a habit of collecting things around me on the sofa making it nearly impossible for people to sit on the sofa. It also shows my cool new owl cushion hiding in amongst the other cushions! 

Day 25

Seems I'm hitting on an ornament theme for this week, as day 26's picture is of the new owl ornament I got for my birthday. I found another one on eBay so now I have them either side of my mantelpiece where they sit and watch over us. 

Day 26

Day 27, spurred on by the tidy sofa, I attempted to tidy another corner of my house and found a pile of wedding related books that I no longer require (not planning on doing it again!) so these got donated to the charity shop or binned. 

Day 27

On day 28 we had a games evening where we introduced my aunt to Carcassonne. We've not played in a while and I finally got to use my new purple meeples (the little people characters) that Ian bought me as a wedding gift. I even managed to win the first game (and my mum managed to beat Ian in one game and my aunt in the other so she was very pleased).

Day 28

Day 29 I finally got around to buying the sewing machine I've been wanting for years. I've started simple and inexpensive so that if it doesn't work out, it's no big deal - but I've also started with a purple machine, so for me, it's perfect! 

Day 29

Day 30 shows how we solved the takeaway problem. The reason we've had so much takeaway is that there is no food in the house, and no enthusiasm to go shopping. So, we've finally decided to go with online shopping. I'll miss being able to select my own meat and bread and although I enjoy looking for bargains meat and fish counters, if it means we actually cook and don't go crazy on takeaway, it's not a bad thing.
Day 30


Lisa said...

I love these little glimpses into your life!!

I'm not sure I'd have known that was a fish if you hadn't told me, but artistic interpretation was never my forte!

The owls are cute, but that purple machine is an absolute MUST HAVE! I'm rubbish with sewing machines, but I want that one!!

I had a wry smile about the wedding books, etc. As someone who got married in secret and told everyone afterwards, I salute your courage!!

And now I know what "Carcassonne" looks like! Actually, I know what Carcassonne looks like, because it's a 40-minute drive from here and we've been there a lot, but I've never seen "Carcassonne" the game before.

What an educational week's photos - thank you!!!

Carrie said...

I think the angle I took the photo of the fish makes it less fish like, in real life you can see it's tail so it's more obvious.

We have a lot of purple stuff in our house - I'm surprised Ian puts up with it all!

Not sure I could have gotten married in secret - I told everyone possible about it the second Ian proposed (which is two years tomorrow!) - and I love organising so it was a fun event for me. Keep meaning to do a post about some of the planning over on my craft blog, but that blog is looking very neglected - wondering whether to combine blogs.

The carcassonne game is really good, but the real thing is definitely on my list of places to go at some point.

Lisa said...

Definitely combine the blogs. You'll do more craft posts and get rid of the "oh, blimey, I haven't updated that for so long" guilty feeling that a neglected blog inevitably causes. And I'll get to see more photos of that sewing machine!

I LOVE purple! Don't think we've got any anywhere in the house though. There's quite a lot of blue, which is my favourite colour, and with Kevin being something of a minimalist where interior design is concerned, I'm lucky to get that!!

Carrie said...

Thank you for giving me the final push to combine my blogs. I feel so much better already!