Monday, 6 February 2012

Week 4 Photo Challenge

Apologies for being a bit behind posting these, but at least I've actually remembered to take the photos! Plus, I took another look at my day zero list and I actually put that I need to blog once a month, not once a week, so I'm doing better than I planned already! 

Day 17's photo shows the preparation needed to pull of such an amazing rainbow party with our shopping list - if you look carefully you'll see just how many eggs the rainbow cake called for! 

Day 17

Day 18 would have been a sneak preview into the rainbow jelly if I'd posted this earlier! 

Day 18

Day 19 shows the amazing carpet at my friends house. It's so thick and fluffy, and you can lose things in it! I think it'd make an interesting desktop wallpaper. 

Day 19

Day 20 was the last day of preparation before the rainbow party and everything went without hiccup except for the orange layer of the rainbow cake which decided to disintegrate. The layers of the cake were intentionally thin so that the rainbow cake wouldn't be gigantic but it did make it a slightly more delicate process when moving and assembling the cakes. Thankfully the damage wasn't too bad and I could stick it back together with the icing. 

Day 20

Day 21 was a day of many photos but I decided to feature one from after the party for the challenge. My friend brought along some rainbow glow sticks that attached together to make a circle so after everyone had left we had fun spinning it round in the dark and trying to capture it on the camera. I'm not quite there yet with my camera, it may be purple but it is also quite complicated if trying to do something unusual instead of just using auto. This is another thing on my to do list so hopefully I'll get better at the photo taking. Hopefully Ian will get better at spinning stuff without letting go and nearly taking out the cake too! 

Day 21

Day 22 sees us ignoring the clear instructions on our new lego set and assembling it on the carpet! We're such rebels. This was a much simpler set to the ones we do at new years so it didn't take long to put together but it was good fun and now we have lego pigs! 

Day 22

Day 23's picture wouldn't have had such a terrible description if I'd written about it on the day I took the photo. This is because on the 23rd, I didn't know that the pizza we had would be the first takeaway in a run of five nights of takeaway! I'm so ashamed! (Week 5 will bring good news on this front though so don't worry, I'm doing better now).

Day 23


Lisa said...

I WANT lego piggies!!! I didn't even know such a thing existed, but now I want them. And a ninja. (I know the ninja is a non-sequitur, but I remember having seen one online somewhere and the piggies made me think of it. Yup, seriously weird thought processes here!!)

Seeing the rainbow party "under construction" is fun.

And you friend's carpet looks like the view outside at the moment when I take my glasses off and squint a bit - mountains covered in snow! I've always been of the opinion that carpets should be the colour of whatever you spill on them most often. Does your friend drink a lot of Black Caipiroskas?!

Carrie said...

I had to google caipiroska so I'm guessing she doesn't drink them, else I would have heard of them before.