Sunday, 19 February 2012

Valentines Breakfast

Last week was valentines day. Ian and I don't really buy into it, we believe it's too commercial and we don't need a special day to prove we love each other. We did celebrate our six month-iversary the day before valentines though, and I made Ian a steak dinner at the weekend, followed by a full english the day after.  I did happen to see a nice breakfast idea which was very valentines appropriate but too late for our special breakfast, so I extended the celebrations to this weekend also.

It was fun to make the sausage hearts, and I only had two casualties that split whilst trying to shape them.

I think I should have cooked the scrambled egg a bit more before transferring to the sausage hearts as it leaked out of the hearts and took longer to cook than the recipe suggests.

Ian appreciated the effort though, and it all disappeared from his plate so couldn't have been too bad.


Lisa said...

These are BRILLIANT!!!!

Kevin will only eat those frankfurter things if I put them in sausage rolls (Nigella's Pigs in Blankets recipe), but this will make a great "fun" plate full of silliness next time we have next door's kids in for food!

Carrie said...

I'm not really a big fan of frankfurters either but I covered mine in ketchup. Ian definitely appreciated the gesture and now I'm frantically looking for more romantic breakfast ideas so I can keep surprising him.

Lisa said...

Difficult to do without having everything heart shaped, and then it becomes a bit twee. I'm sure Nigella has a Valentine's chapter in one of her books, perhaps "Feast", that might provide some inspiration?

Carrie said...

Do you have all of Nigella's books by any chance?!

Lisa said...

Whatever would make you think that? Actually, no, I don't. I'm missing "How to Eat" and "Christmas", but otherwise I'm pretty well Nigella'd up!!